Shooting with legendary Japanese artist Mr. Shuji Mukai

My shoot with legendary Japanese artist Mr. Shuji Mukai for the Whitestone Art Gallery.

Mr. Shuji Mukai was part of the radical post-war Gutai art group who challenged the conformity that had contributed to the authoritarianism of the preceding decades.

The Gutai group used art as an act of radical individualism, pushing boundaries of originality...."Create what has never been done before!"

Mr. Mukai created an art intsallation for the new Louis Vuitton store which opened in Soho, New York; covering the store with his symbols. For the grand opening of Chanel’s Tokyo new building in December 2017, designed by Peter Marino, Mukai covered the whole building with his art.

It was an honour to meet and photograph him.

Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 03.44.39.png

Re-branding an alternative shopping mall

Here are some shots I did for an alternative and individual shopping centre in Birmingham, UK. It has 30 shops in its centre ranging from clothing, accessories, hairdressers, tattooists etc.

I re-branded their store and gave their old look a new and modern make-over. I worked with the individual shops in the centre and did a range of images for each store. My images are used on bill boards, websites, flyers, magazines, badges, staff uniform, on promotional cars and bikes, shop windows, shopping bags, social media etc.

I developed solely a strong new brand for this shopping centre tailored to their needs and market. Images were used for NEC Birmingham Clothes Show Live.